NEW 牛乳ひたしパンは2017 年2 月頃発売予定!

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スクイーシー お買い求めのお客様 は下記リンク先ショップよりご購入ください。

If you would like to purchase our squishy, please visit the online shops below.


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For international customer

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bloom garage shop


毎週木曜 13:00-17:00OPEN
Come and visit our garage shop in Tokyo!
Open hours 1pm-5pm on every Thursday

① 京成立石駅改札を出たらすぐ左後ろの階段を上り道路に出たら左手に進む
Go through ticket gate, then you will see stairs on your left. Go downstairs.

② 線路沿いにまっすぐ歩く
Walk along the line

③ 右手に黄色い大黒屋というディスカウントショップが見えたら右折
You? ll see yellow store (discount store) on the corner , then turn right.

④ つきあたりに大浦耳鼻科があり、その左にある一軒家1階ガレージがお店です!
At the end of the road, you will find Clinic. Our garage shop is on your left!